Modern Appaloosa Bloodlines 
                                  Eligible for Rangerbred Registration

               If your Appaloosa is a decendant of any of the horses listed below,
               they can be registered with CRHA.  Registration application forms 
               may be found at this link.
APPALOOSA HALL OF FAME Andrews Centerfold Bendi Charge Bet Your Dream Blazing Hot Spots Diamond Connection Dominos Eclipse Goer Gunsmoke Skeeter JB Persuader Merry Weedo Ms Gunsmokes Doll Navajo Britches Night Deck Night Vision Robbisox Spanish Viento Sudden Death ApHC Gold Medallion Winners Go Suddenly Classic Black R Secret Joe Medallion Secret Mr Barreed Secret Joe Medallion Back to Black The ApHC World's Best Appaloosa Recurring Dream Pleasant Dreams Zip Me Impressive State of Dee Heart Captain Zip Ahoy Mr Big Bucks Ima Touch DZ Shys Blue Boy Other Bloodlines Abdulls Pok-A-Son All of the above horses and any of their decendants are eligible for registration with CRHA. Click here for registration appliction forms. Treasure Hunt Index .