CRHA Logging Program Results-2015

1st Place- Karen Bumgarner from Idaho, riding The Big Brass - 118 hrs. 30 min.

2nd- Jeremiah Lundfelt from Pennsylvania, riding Sting's Red Hand - 59 hrs. 15 min.

3rd- KayDence Winkelman from Pennsylvania, riding PRR Brite Sally Rose - 36.5 hrs.

4th- Sarah Craig from New York, riding A Perfect Impression - 19 hrs. 15 min.

5th- Sarah Craig from New York, riding Hylite's Navajo - 14 hrs. 45 min.

6th- Sarah Craig from New York, riding War Drums Miracle and A Perfect Renaissance

6 hrs. each horse.



Congratulations to the riders who put so much time into riding their Rangerbreds. The Logging Program runs from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. To enter your Rangerbred click here or contact the Chairperson or look in the RANGERBRED NEWS.

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