WELCOME ! TO THE OFFICIAL WEB SITE OF THE COLORADO RANGER HORSE ASSOCIATION 1938-2016 Celebrating our 78th year! The Colorado Ranger Horse ("The Using Horse of the High Plains") is one that is registered with the Colorado Ranger Horse Association, Inc. (CRHA), which is one of the oldest of the western horse breed registries still in existence in the United States. To meet the requirements for registration with the CRHA, a horse must show a direct descent from at least one of the two foundation stallions, 'Max #2' and 'Patches #1'. While many Colorado Rangerbreds have appaloosa markings, CRHA is not a color registry. Because CRHA is a 'bloodline' registry, it doesn't matter if the horse is a solid color or shows the coloration variations typical of the appaloosa. If you have a registered Appaloosa, chances are one in eight that your stallion, mare, or gelding is eligible for CRHA registration, as well. CRHA offers a FREE PEDIGREE CHECK for your Appaloosa's eligibility for Rangerbred registration. Check this link for some of the Appaloosa lines that are eligible for Rangerbred registration. The COLORADO RANGER HORSE ASSOCIATION hopes you will enjoy browsing this site. Come back and visit often! (Clicking on President Grant & the two horses on any page will bring you back to the home page.) Click above for more information on our Stallion Service Auction and Futurity. Game Flyer Pleasure Flyer The 2017 CRHA National Show will be held in Lock Haven,Pennsylvania! September 16th & 17th, 2017 Click here for more information Are you interested in becoming a CRHA carded judge? Click here for more information! If using PayPal to pay for anything on this site, please add $1 to the total amount. Send to: prranger@verizon.net E-mail webmaster Should you find a link that does not work, please let the webmaster know so the problem can be remedied. Updated 1/3/17 Site Designed by Barbie A.